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  1. Stanha and RomanZ thanks for your interest. I actually cant follow 50% of what you are writing but I do have some aditional info i think is relevant from my side. 1. Stanha is correct, the devices sometimes reconize each other and sometimes not without me doing any changes. 2. After several days today, again they did recognize each other and even started syncing then they stopped syncing although they are being recognized. 3. this folder was actually syncing for months then started making trouble which i assumed at the time was related to changes in my office firewall settings or to the fact I
  2. Hi Stanha Sorry i didnt post it in advance but i have been at sea for the last 20 hours so could not follow this thread. I will carry on tomorrow. Thanks again Yair
  3. Hi Stanha and thanks for your dedication. As for syncing this node, It must have something to do with the fact that the other node is on my work PC, which resides behind a firewall that blockes torrents. it worked for a long time but then it stopped working.Initialy i added the folder listening port and it partially worked - I was able to see the other device but not actually sync.as for the windows problem - it doesnt seem like permission problem since I was able to give all users full permission but I was not able to change the read only attribute of the folder. As I said, it is weird. tha
  4. Hi stanha. I managed to sync your folder (to the videos folder since a folder i created could not be used)
  5. Hi stanha Sorry i am not that cooperative. Now this is becoming ridiculous. I set up your sync on the linux machine but since its always behind a firewall it will never work. but when trying the windows machine i am told i do not have permission to change a read only folder and i am unable to change that (not even when using attrib command as suggested by microsoft). also, when looking at the linux machine it takes some time but eventually i get: [20140324 13:54:07.332] Loaded folder /home/yair/Documents[20140324 13:54:07.333] Loaded folder /home/yair/Documents/yair/backup/btsync_manual
  6. Hi Stanha and thanks for the prompt and detailed reply. I have only arrived at the office so i guess your manual is being used by others. As for sharing my folder, since its 107Gb i don't think this is the way to go (you can write yairsuari at gmail and ill send the secret). some other info i foud: On the windows side the folder appears as 20.3 GB and on the linux side as 106.9Gb although using the exact same setup today, the devices are not recognised (I did check that the listening ip's are correct) the machins are pinging each other no problem there and now to the logs (I post the l
  7. I am trying to sync window and linux folders on my work network using btsync with no success. some additional data. as can be seen in the attached screenshot bot machines are visible to each other but syncing is not activated (transfer rate is 0). It might be important to note that to be able to see the devices i had to use predefined hosts. ps. I guess this is obvious but i spent a lot of time trying to look it up with no success (i am a networking newbie)
  8. Sorry to bump in but i seem to have the same problem exactly is there anything i can do to get btsync to work in my university? since i am staff there is there anything the administrator can do to help me?