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  1. Yes, it must be the university network that's blocking the sync. I can access my btsync instance over cellular data on my mobile. Too bad...
  2. That might be it. Will try how btsync behaves in a different network.
  3. Hi, I set up btsync on a server at home and on my Laptop. As long as they are both on the same LAN, they sync happily. But when I use my Laptop somewhere else, e.g. university, they don't find each other. I set both machines to the same listening port, which is forwared in my router at home. I enabled relay & tracker server and added the dyndns-domain of my server to my Laptops pre-defined hosts. Still, nothing works. The log of both machines is just full of "Sending broadcast ping for share xxx", every now and then "Got 3 tracker ips" (the same ips on both machines, btw) and some "R
  4. Hi, I've just started using btsync and have already run into a problem on my Android app - I can't browse my sync folders without downloading everything in the background. I have added a sync folder on the synchronize tab of the android app using the qr code from my PC btsync instance. I unticked "automatic synchronization" and still, as soon as I hit "done", all files are getting downloaded to my phone. I actually would like to browser the remote-folders and selectively sync/download certain files/folders. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to achive that?
  5. Thanks for the packages! I'm running Sync on a Pogoplug v2 Pink (ARM5) running Debian Wheezy - had a "Alignment" problem, in case anyone else runs into it and looking for a solution in this thread:
  6. I've had the same problem with the alignment, the posted solution worked for me. No freezing yet on Pogoplug v2 Pink running 1.1.70 () on Debian Wheezy