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  1. Same thing fixed mine here... css was set to text/plain. Changing it to text/css fixed it right up.
  2. Most of the projects to embed browsers have been defunct for quite some time. I certainly wouldn't use one -- all of the ones I saw earlier today haven't been updated in months or years. As for including someone's web browser code in my own distributable, yikes... that's something I don't think many developers would want to deal with or support. What's so wrong with using the rendering engine built into the OS?
  3. Not looking to pick a fight, or provoke anyone, but how does one "embed" Firefox or Chrome? As far as I know neither of those browsers export embeddable objects. According to the Mozilla site, the only way to embed Firefox is to actually include Firefox in your distributable. Ick. That means maintaining and updating their code as part of your own. I don't think anyone would go for that. It would make the product HUGE, and you'd really have to update the product every time a new Firefox build was released. What a huge headache for the developers and end-users. The Chromium embedded pr
  4. I'm just using Security Essentials and the built-in Windows Firewall. I temporarily disabled both and the problem remains. I've reset my IE zones and protected mode is disabled for all zones. Still, same problem. I have several apps of my own that use the OS' built-in web browser control and they all work fine. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate. The problem also exists on my laptop and my PC at work, both on Windows 7 Pro.
  5. I'm having a similar problem. Only my GUI isn't completely blank, just all text. Image: (forum wouldn't let me embed) And I'm running IE11. This is happening on all three of the computers I have running BT Sync. Any more ideas?