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  1. I think its great. I think subscription models are necessary. I think we feel entitled to one-time purchase systems because software used to be held to the same standards as physical products. You bought a thing, brought it home, it was what it was. Now things need frequent maintenance, particularly software dealing with security. I'm happy to pay for it. I am concerned about the closed-source code though...
  2. Hey all. I work primarily in Avid MC on commercials, and most post houses are running some flavor of ISIS. It's great to have multiple editors working together, and easy access for assistants. So, one thing I wonder, if there could be a way to emulate how ISIS manages it's projects and database files over a BTSync system. Aaron Cohen, I just happened to stumble across a blog entry that mentioned you working at Avid. Maybe you have some insight into this. Seems like a team could easy set up a system like this up, assuming the media management system worked. The projects are small and