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  1. My local DNS (/etc/resolv.conf) was using private work nameservers, thanks for the pointers! This is now running and functioning for me.
  2. I've checked DNS, it was set to (comcast) and I've changed that to (Google), but no difference. > The LAN clients are usually found within the same subnet, which is why btsync tries to contact relay and tracker only. The machines are in the middle and they cannot connect out to the wider world; why would the machines on the deeper segment of the network function fine but not this segment? > Have you tried to put the machines in the machines predefined hosts? No, and since these aren't identified by names within BtSync, I don't know what I'd even add in the /etc/hosts file. Plus, I want to sync with my phone and work machines, which aren't a part of this setup at all.
  3. Restart of the networking equipment didn't resolve anything.
  4. Logging resolved, I was launching with an incorrect config which put the debug.txt in a different place than expected. Now my main issues seem to be this: [20131114 07:41:37.379] Sending broadcast ping for share 5BF7Cxxx28CF37D65D1B5F358C9E5xxxxxxxx [20131114 07:41:37.430] Failed to get tracker ips [20131114 07:41:37.455] Failed to get relay ips [20131114 07:41:38.379] Sending broadcast ping for share 5BF7Cxxx28CF37D65D1B5F358C9E5xxxxxxxx ... ...
  5. I have BtSync set up on a handful of machines and it's working great: Debian 7 (x86) - Debian 7+ (Testing) (x86) - office computer Android 4.2 - Android 4.1 - This machine doesn't work: Debian 7+ (Testing) (x64) - Network setup: Internet > Router, anything on this network BtSync won't work > Router, anything on this network BtSync works fine On the problem machine (, I cannot get anything to connect outside of that subnet. The router has UPnP enabled and netstat shows the btsync is listening, but nothing connects. I can connect/sync if I have both devices on the same network subnet ( but nothing outside of that will connect; I have another router and devices on the range (router IP and they work fine (and the network uses the network as the default gateway). So I have to think the network is allowing traffic through, if the network functions. I've tried using a custom config for btsync, no change;I've ensured UPnP was enabled in my routers (error before this was "Could not map UPnP Port ___ retrying.");I've found the .sync/ folder and tried to create ~/.sync/debug.txt with FFFF inside it, but nothing shows in the logs;I've tried running with --nodaemon but there are no messages being printed to stdout or stderr that I can see (now that "Could not map UPnP..." is resolved)netstat shows the ports listening;there is no local firewall running on this machine at this timeconnections don't work to the next router (downstream) nor over the Internet (upstream) I am out of ideas, can anyone help me?