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  1. Hi, Thanks for that - its already set to that on both peers. The issue really hits hard when sync is trying to copy files at the same time as Indexing
  2. My issue here is that when you want to re-add a folder, that was originally RO, it comes back as RW.. Is there no support for a RO folder in V2?
  3. Hi All, So I've got a bunch of 1.4 folders shared. I've problems where BitSync isn't syncing very well (ticket opened) and so wanted to re-add them to see if that helped. Using a small folder (50gb) to test. I've 3 PCs, all running 2.0.105 I disconnected one PC that was a RO version. When I come to reconnect it, theres no option to re-add it as a RO folder again. If I remove the folder, it removes it from all 3 PCs (oh great!) When I add it back on one of the PCs, it adds it to the others, but then adds it into the Default folder, rather than where the original RO was. So how do
  4. Hi, Is there a way to control the I/O that bitsync uses ? Some of my PCs have USB drives attached to them and I've noticed Bitsync locking up and greying out (Wndows 7 64bit). I think it may be because Bitsync is trying to Index thousands of small files whilst syncing simultaneously in other folders. If I can limit the I/O I'm hoping that might help it. Thx
  5. I have to say I agree with this. I've upgraded to v2 today, and I have no idea if my files are synced or not. The reason I upgraded was because 1.4 seemed to simply stop syncing. I occasionally see "indexing" on one PC, but if I create a new file in a synced folder, nothing transfers over. All my folders are 1.4 Classics.
  6. Hi, Ok I checked Truecrypt settings over and all the settings are the same on both machines. I was wondering if I should of copied over some of Bitsyncs config files from one machine to the other ? The drive layouts and folder layouts are the same so it wouldn't of changed.
  7. Hi, Thanks I will check it. I'm not syncing *.tc files though, or even using .tc files in the encryption. Its using whole drive encryption and that should be transparent to an application like Bitsync.
  8. Hi, many thanks for the reply. So I'm running as user "adrian", whos a local administrator. Security on the 17-noname 082.mpg shows as Full Control for adrian. In fact, its Full Control for Everyone. The folder is set that way too. On this laptop there are no other applications running. I downloaded Handle.exe from sysinternals, and it shows one PID using that file: Handle v4.0Copyright © 1997-2014 Mark RussinovichSysinternals - BTSync.exe pid: 5220 type: File 1AC: S:\Backup from ASUS\Video Working Folder\Hi8\17-Noname 082.mpg C:\Users\adrian\
  9. Hi All, I've a USB drive connected to an Windows laptop where I'm trying to use sync to have an offsite backup, a Read-only version. The data is all copied, however the laptop is slow and so i wanted to replace it with a new one, more memory, better CPU etc. I've tried to move the USB drive over, installed Bitsync and readded the first folder (approx 57Gb) however its basically sat there not showing a lot of progress. there really shouldn't of been anything to 'sync' as it was already there. I turned on debug, and I saw errors relating to torrent files being created and deleted. Some
  10. Is that file metadata in NTFS?, or content in the file ? I just tested by moving one .CR2 file and its .xmp counterpart. I generated an MD5 hash for both, then used Lightroom to move the file. Bitsync showed both files as add/remove, but afterwards I regenerated the MD5s again, and they all match.
  11. Well.. the move within-folders doesn't seem to work too well either. I just moved files (in Lightroom) to a subfolder, about 30gb.. and its detected them all as 'Added file..' then 'Removed file'... rather than a move and is now re-transmitting them.
  12. thats a shame, for some reason I'd thought it was a feature of 1.4 :-(
  13. Hi, I decided to take the plunge and go from 1.3 to 1.4.93, mainly because I thought that the new version supported moving files between folders better. On the first startup on my fast PC (win 8), the application actually froze, to where window asked me if I wanted to close it. On the second (slower win 7) PC, it did the same, until it eventually came up asking me if I wanted a script to keep running. After that it seemed business as usual. I've noticed a memory footprint increase of around 50mb which isn't great but we'll see if that settles down after startup. Then finally I try t
  14. everything I read here in the forums seems to suggest 1.4.x is a bad upgrade from 1.3.x At the moment the only feature I'm missing that I'd like is inter-folder moves, which I believe is in 1.4.x but the bad reports about the GUI and other bugs make me want to hold off. I guess I'd ask - is there going to be a retraction for the GUI? or are you sticking with this web interface ?
  15. Is 1.4 generally available ? The updater isn't advertising it yet. - ah never mind.. I can see in the forums is under testing.. but good news this is coming !!