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  1. It is a great tool, and I think many people want to use it as a back up tool. DropBox was made by someone who kept forgetting his flash drive at home, so he wanted his files everywhere. But most of us want our files backed up from a master computer to others. We're replicatng the data in many places as safety nets. That's why you see people wanting to plug in a 2TB USB drive, test it, take it to another building (or home), plug it in, and have it work the same. I've got 500 gigs of pictures and music going back to 1998. I replicate this data in multiple places. I want to set up a USB drive at home, get it syncing, then take that drive to another house where it will sync when that computer is on. That's why you see people wanting to sync with the same computer. They're looking to set everything up with a master, then move a drive to another machine far away. This would be more like a Carbonite example, where they send you a drive, tell you to fill it, you send it back, then everything syncs.
  2. Sounds like the OP is asking for an FTP. Only problem is the browsing windows look different from a normal windows explorer. You could let these people remote into the computer. I have a combination of both using Bitvise tunnel software. I can log into my home computer from anywhere in the world, take control of it, then pull up an SFTP window to transfer files I need. It comes down to how many people will be logging into this computer, and how secure you need it to be. If you don't want to mess with BitVise, you could also use the free version of LogMeIn or Team Viewer to reach the computer, then FTP or send files out using BTSync.
  3. This is what I'm running in to, but thought it was because the drive letters and names were different. And there's no way to know what's going on. In my case, and probably yours, we have one computer that is the master, and we're trying to replicate this data as a back up. But for some reason, it's not working. Where the folder started shouldn't matter (master), but it does. And now your 3rd machine is trying to upload the entire folder, even when it doesn't need too, probably because it thinks something has changed. It's like I want to push a button and have it tell me each step it's trying for each folder. A debug mode if you will where it displays human readable messages of what it's doing. Not cryptic codes, but long messages. There's log files (windows version), but no Force Sync button, and it's not telling each step it's trying for each folder.
  4. Actually the other way. Source - I have a master computer with 500 gigs of pictures and music on it, going back to 1998 when digital cameras first started. This computer stays on 24/7 running a cameras system and I can tunnel to it from work. Target - I have a 2TB Western Digital Passport USB drive that will have all this data on it. Right now I'm using their built in software to sync the drive. But when it does a back up, it creates weird folder names before it gets to my data. Meaning, the root of the folder name is different, and the drive letters can be different when I plug the drive in. The goal is to back up my master computer at home, take it to my parents home 300 miles away, and have it sync as a back up in case my house burns down. I want to be able to plug this USB drive into any computer (like a flash drive), and have it sync. Source Computer Folders to Back Up E:\Scans E:\Music E:\My Documents And a few more but this is just an example. Target USB - drive letter can be anything depending on where I plug it in. And the start of the folder names are different. G:\WD Smartware.swstore\TERA\Volume\Scans G:\WD Smartware.swstore\TERA\Volume\Music G:\WD Smartware.swstore\TERA\Volume\My Documents I would create a secret for each folder on the master, then put that secret on each folder name in the USB drive, but the root name of the target folders has stuff in front of it because of the WD backup software. I want to continue using the backup software to back up my drive at home, but still be able to take this drive to my parents and sync certain folders. Therefore, on the target USB drive, the secret would go in Scans, Music, and My Documents. At home I have 2 computers connected through my router. I tried syncing from E on the master to D on the other machine and it didn't work. Only when I made both drive letters the same did it start to work. So I haven't tried plugging in the USB drive into the 2nd machine yet to pretend it's my mom's machine, but that's the goal. To be able to plug this huge USB drive into any computer, set up the secrets, and have it sync.
  5. I don't know, I set it up like I said and nothing was happening. Would be cool if they had a refresh button so you could force it to sync and get a message back whether it found anything or not. When I set the drive letters and names the same, the file went across immediately. My real goal in all of this is to sync to a USB drive, which could have a different drive letter and the root folder would be different. For example, on my computer I have all my pictures in. E:\Scans Now I want to back all this up to a USB drive that's been backed up with WD Smart Drive software. This folder would be named. G:\WD Smartware.swstore\TERA\Volume.xx.xx\Scans Drive letters and root folder name is different on the target drive. But I want it to sync the folder where the secret key is located and go from there. So far it didn't work, but I'll have to keep testing. The master computer didn't seem to think anything needed to change until the drive letters and names were the same. Thanks.
  6. Didn't see this in the FAQ or messages. On my master computer (Windows 7) I have E:\QUICKENW\BACKUP On the backup computer (Win XP SP3) I have D:\QUICKENW\BACKUP I added secret keys to each folder and nothing happened. Then I changed the folder on the master computer to D:\QUICKENW\BACKUP reset the keys and it worked. Thus I'm thinking the drive letters and folder names need to be the same. Is this correct? If so, can they make it so the drives letters don't have to be the same? In other words, where ever the secret key is located, that's the root of the folder no matter what it's name or drive letter. Thanks.