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  1. I am too thick, nothing like getting dirty at command line experimenting. We learn when we have too. Using live distro to pull my music collection from a borked migration. No permission to copy those files? Learn the practical difference between chmod & recursive chown file permissions. By chowning Music folder (BTSync now works) & I was also able to drag all my precious data from an early grave! Learn ppls, learn. Theory often makes no sense, slight diff syntax between Debian based & RPM, but all good.
  2. openSUSE Factory x64 ~ Cannot write to /home/fleamour/Music despite chmoding folder with 777 switch. Is this a bug?
  3. My syntax was out, should be; sudo btsync startThanky muchly!
  4. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 & have tried to install the unofficial GUI, (no icon launchers show up upon install) & now I find, even after purging all packages I can no longer launch plain BTSync?!? $ sudo start btsyncnow returns; start: Unknown job: btsyncI hope this makes sense?