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  1. I have tried your advice but unfortunately it does not correct the problem. I have done some erperimenting and apparently the problem is restricted to only one directory. All directories work as expected except for the base of my removable SD card (/mnt/extcard). If I sync /mnt/extsdcard I will only get new files added to /mnt/sdcard or any of its subdirectories (e.g., new photos taken) but not any of the old files. Unfortunately all of my data is written to the SD card . Thanks for your help, Ken G.
  2. I installed btsync on my Android phone and synced it with a test FreeBSD server. I was happy with the install so I built my "production" Freebsd server and uninstalled/re-installed btsync on the phone. It appears that the uniinstall did not remove the btsync status information because new files created on my phone are synced properly but files that were previously synced to the old test server are not copied to the new server. Is there something I need to do to make Android btsync forget about the previously synced files and send all the files to my FreeBSD machine? Using versions: btsync android 1.3.14 btsync freebsd 1.3.67 Ken G.