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  1. Hi! I've updated btsync from 1.3.106 to 1.3.109 on one of my PC and now I can't share any folder place inside my home folder. All my shared folders has disappeared from web interface, and the explorer tree to share new folder don't show any folder deeper than /home/myuser/ My system is Arch Linux and I launch BtSync as service. Before this update worked perfect. I've an other PC with Ubuntu and btsync 1.3.109 also, launched as service too, and in it works correctly. I thinks than my problems with Arch may be with the permissions, but I don't know how to solve that. Anyone have any idea th
  2. Hi! Thanks for the answer and the work. With this update, the problem has been solved.
  3. Hi! I've the same problem with 2 folders. I haven't got problems with small folders, but the content of 2 of them are around 1GB, and at few second of start to sync the CPU is at 100% and web interface says "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." Paste my log: BtSync are running on Ubuntu 12.04 x86 with 1GB of RAM I hope that anyone can help my solve this. Thanks (and sorry if my english is bad)