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  1. Is the $39.99 per year for syncing into the Cloud? Two suspected problems with Sync-Beta: 1. With Sync-Beta, when saving a file, something is happening to the save with BitTorrent running. The file records 0 bytes, and I have to save file again, by re-naming. 2. In using BitTorrent between two computers located in two different Cities, I am getting "1- locked files"; I have checked both computers and closed all active files. The "1- locked files" still comes up on one Folder. - This is the same Folder where I am having the "save" problem. Any ideas...? Ed
  2. I had a issue where I had turned off one computer. A friend of mine was locked-out by their internet carrier for using too much band-width. Nailbreak
  3. Q. Does anyone have a suggestion for Alphabetizing my List of Folders in BitTorrent Sync? Reason: When you are syncing 15-20 folders, it is easy to skip one.