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  1. Hi again, I've sent the feedback and activated logging. What happens now?
  2. It is running in the background, although giving it more time is not solving the problem (tried waiting for a day). I've been doing some more checking though, and I now see that the Android device disappears from the server device list after some time, so maybe it's a problem with the process on the phone. It still doesn't explain why the sync doesn't work when the devices Can actually see each other, though.
  3. Thanks for your reply! To answer your question: they do. Both phone and server see each other. When taking a picture, however, it doesn't get uploaded to the server if I don't choose Pause in the Android app and then choose Resume, whereupon the picture (more or less) immediately gets uploaded. It also works to first disable and then enable the wireless connection on the phone. Restarting the Android app also will lead to the picture getting uploaded.
  4. Hi I've setup backup of the DCIM folder of my Android phone to a home server. However, no files are sent to the server if I don't manually either pause then resume the backup, or disconnect then connect to the wireless network. What am I doing wrong? Best regards, Karl