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  1. Any comments from developers about this? When will this issue be addressed? I came across same issue when BitTorrent was transferring files from Android (located at FAT32 external card) to Windows PC. All files got current time as their modification timestamp. The transfer in other direction (Windows => Android) works good.
  2. Hi all. What is the most possible reason preventing Sync from starting on Android (4.0.4 to be specific)? I've successfully installed it and passed all Welcome screens to connect PC later. The application showed the message "Starting...", and immediately kicked me to the home screen. I see Sync's icon in the notification area stating it works fine. Touching it brings me to the Sync's main window where I see the same message "Starting...", and I land on the home screen right away. The list of running applications contains BitTorrent Sync, but it occupies 0.00 KB of memory (0 processes, 1 service, "Restarting..."). Why can't Sync start? I see FAQ proposes to execute specific command to resolve the issue with alignment on ARM, but my tablet is built with Intel Atom. More details: Android 4.0.4, Senkatel Maximus T1001 10" (Intel Atom Z2460).
  3. Actually two instances of BTSync are able to work inside one folder on the same PC, but some unexpected issues may happen if they are working in paralles (f.i., new files may get deleted after synchronization).
  4. Hi all! I've noticed that two concurrent instances working with different users credentials on the same PC (Windows 7) can't handle new files downloads correctly: one of the instances (probably the one which finishes downloading last) deletes the new file right after the synchronization is completed. Both instances are set up to synchronize the single folder (using the same secret). I guess, the application isn't designed to work this way. Are there any settings which may prevent such undesired behavior? I've encountered this behavior while experimenting with sync folder shared between two (or more) users on the same PC.
  5. Hi all! I've noticed BTSync stores information about synchronized folders in the user directory (for Windows 7 - "?:\Users\???\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync"). Why such data is separated from the content and made user-specific? If several users of the PC work with same folder (locally), they require explicit setup of configuration, though I doubt it will work seamlessly - several instances of BTSync aren't allowed. I think, the control information should be stored in/near the same data directory (the way svn/git do) - there may be an extra directory in each synchronized folder. There are several related topics: Linux: Split Config In Multple FilesShare A Sync Folder Beetween Different Local Linux Users?!?I guess, the issue may be addressed by installing BTSync as a service (see the howto for experienced users). Another workaround would be to allow BTSync to use a single custom user-defined location with control files (it's not supported in the current Windows version though). Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!