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  1. Thanks Sync Support, 1. All Mac OS, in the most recent case using two Mac OS 10.8.5 and 10.6.8 -- aha, first clue. I thought they were both running 10.8.5. 2. On the 10.8.5 mac, there are several folders and files in .sync/Archive --I haven't compared the list there with the missing files list. On the older one, there's no .sync folder at all. Think I'll go back up and upgrade the older Mac to something current and try again.
  2. I know you said you don't have this, but can you borrow an external monitor, keyboard and mouse long enough to set this up? We have minis using BT Sync but they have their own monitors OR we use Apple Desktop Remote, which might be what you're using. We haven't found a web UI for BT Sync.
  3. I just copied a bunch of folders with files and folders with more files inside into my shared folder. Was alarmed to learn that once the shared folder sync'd with one peer, all the files disappeared but the folder structure remained. Log files have lots of this: [20141213 18:45:37.212] FC[7408]: LoadTorrent: failed to load torrent for file "/Users/Shared/2013-4/bup/1993/ClipArt.EPRI/.bb.wkshp.Scans/24.klix"[20141213 18:45:37.212] TorrentFile: 0x000000010489a200 deleted[20141213 18:45:37.212] TorrentFile: 0x000000010489a200 created[20141213 18:45:37.212] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty su