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  1. I created a BTSync backup on Android (, and passed the link to a Windows client (1.4.75). Windows says "Pending", and Android says "Connect to a device". A second Windows client syncs with the above Windows client just fine. Edit: Nevermind - I found the "Access request" notification on Android :-) @nasht00 @forbajato - This might be what you're looking for as well?
  2. The registry fix worked for me as well! Great stuff - thanks! Amazing that this wasn't caught and dealt with during testing. Now on to the next problem (Windows won't start syncing with an Android backup), but that's for another thread.
  3. The simple solution (yep - I noticed I'm echoing APC above): BTSync for Windows should do the same as for Linux: The engine runs headless without GUI, but exposes a small HTTP server on localhost, meaning that any browser can be used for configuration. A tray icon is of course welcome, but instead of hosting the GUI on its own, it launches the HTTP server URL (http://localhost:port) in the user's default browser. The tray icon process may of course use HTTP or DLL calls to show realtime information. Problem solved, headaches gone. Or am I missing something?
  4. I use Microsoft Defender (OS default). Disabling real-time monitoring didn't change anything. Windows Firewall is also enabled - disabling doesn't help. There are 2 rules enabled: BitTorrent Sync (TCP-In and UDP-In). Is the WebUI supposed to be accessible from browsers? I can't see an option for it in the text rendering of the UI, and trying to access it on the BTSync port (34955) fails. I have a 1.3.106 client on another PC, and I just verified that syncing with 1.4 on my Surface works fine.
  5. I have exactly the same issue - the UI is text only, and more or less unusable. Windows 8.1, IE 11 on a Surface 2 Pro. IE zones are at their defaults (the "Reset all zones..." button is disabled). Protected mode is on for the Internet and Restricted zones. Turning it off changed nothing. Looking forward to a fix or workaround! Thanks for a fantastic tool!