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  1. Its available under devices and you can only change the current device but it doesn't seem to stick. I have had it change many times back to synced all by itself. My servers (which i am in the process of uninstalling but i need to get it working first) all seem to have lost the folder list connection also.
  2. This has just happened again (4th time now) even though I checked every server to ensure they should start disconnected. the last time was when I turned on my mac with a slightly older version of btsync. All servers then decided they were unlicensed and won't accept the new lic (even though it ways it was approved) I have decided to stop using this product. Its a shame because the concept is good but the execution for the pro version is terrible. Its just not useable anymore. It reminds me of adobe software, it spends more time making sure you license it, which it does badly, and therefore
  3. I have 30 linux machines in a btsync account all share slightly different folders from the list. Yesterday, All servers sudddenly decided to sync all folders on that account. Pretty quickly, all of them filled the disks and crashed. Firstly, I can't explain how annoyed I am that this happened. All servers have been told to get new folders as disconnected but these were not new folders. I had to do an emergency crontab on all servers to rm -rf "/root/BitTorrent Sync" just to stop the disks filling up and then manually disconnected folders on each machine via the UI. This morning, it
  4. Thanks for this. it solved my problem. PHP ED editor changed this to text/plain. Great to see it working again :-)
  5. +1 As the person in my company spouting "forget dropbox, use btsync instead" This is really embarassing. On OSX and linux we have 1.4 working well but its unuseable on windows. The people saying go back to 109, great idea but you then need to re-setup all your shares again. This is what I would expect from alpha software. My love of this sort of software can only go so far.