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  1. @GreatMarko Good to hear! I'd like to see more regular community updates from Resilio. That keeps everyone interested and involved; instead of being worried
  2. It's August 5th now; two months after the announcement. It has been an unusually long period without any Sync software releases. Any news about Sync future roadmap? Will the next release have Resilio Sync branding?
  3. I'd give $50-$100 per license if you remove (or make secondary/optional) some of the new 2.0 features. I think close to ideal would be: Simple keys just like in 1.4. This is/was *the* killer feature of Sync. Keys are shareable even with pen and paper; if thats what someone wants. Anonymous, secure and simple.Selective sync ("Sync all") introduced in 2.0No accounts, identities or "linked devices" (or make this mode completely optional and definitely not the default)No linking via public Bittorrent Inc. hosted URLs (or optional with appropriate warnings of the security risks involved) So easy
  4. What ? Don't use keys? How do you justify forced dependency to BitTorrent Inc. URL sharing as a security improving feature? And what is the point for Sync 2.0 folders to have no easily shareable key? Isn't that *the* signature feature of Sync; anonymous peer to peer connectivity with simple keys. Keys that can be even shared with pen+paper, if necessary. Are classic 1.4 folders outgoing feature or are they promised to be available in all future releases? Thats important question for many, I think.
  5. In Sync 2.0, how do I manually get a key for newly created folder? I am only able to get a link to BitTorrent Inc. hosted URL, but not raw keys that I can transmit to someone else using more secure channels. Share URLs also do not work locations with limited access to public Internet.
  6. Thank you. meta-btsync package for OpenEmbedded has been updated
  7. Once again @ File not found
  8. I have the same issue. I'm maintaining btsync recipe layer (meta-btsync) for OpenEmbedded/Angstrom Linux at The tuxpoldo/Yeasoft archive is a great alternative and a download mirror (Thank you for that!) but I think everyone here agrees that there should be an official hosted repository.