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  1. I agree with some of the previous posters as well about supporting a purchase once model and am willing to pay for new version of upgrades if/when needed. I love sync, been a user since "SyncApp" (Alpha) and strongly recommend everyone to use it, but $40/year for a product when basically nothing is being hosted for me is not something I would support. I'm definitely willing to pay $40 as a one time fee for pro features/support the product and pay more as new versions come up depending if I "need" those new features (or.. even a one time $150 dollars for a lifetime license, like how Plex does it).
  2. Thanks RomanZ . I'll be updating my ebuilds and pointing traffic back to you .
  3. When you select the top sync folder on the phone, at the top it says "All Files" or "On Device". It seems that the default behavior is to sync all files that are not that big automatically, and bigger files are not synced, the user can press the file manually to sync it.
  4. Hello all, I've noticed that the BTSync app for Android is not sleeping (or at least it's not showing any type of status indication that it is sleeping, the notification bar icon just says Running). These are the current settings: Battery Saver 15% Auto-sleep: On My battery was at 5% and the status still said running and as mentioned above, I didn't know if it was sleeping or not since I didn't have any active syncs running (but I also didn't have anything to sync). This might not be a bug if it is indeed sleeping but just not letting me know. If that is the case, it would be nice to have a status update to the bar to let the user know when sync is sleeping, running, etc.
  5. To narrow this down, this is working fine on my Gentoo Linux x86_64 machine (I don't have a i386 system so can't repro) Info: lddtree output: jon@octopus ~ $ lddtree /opt/btsync/btsyncbtsync => /opt/btsync/btsync (interpreter => /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2) librt.so.1 => /lib64/librt.so.1 libcrypt.so.1 => /lib64/libcrypt.so.1 libdl.so.2 => /lib64/libdl.so.2 libm.so.6 => /lib64/libm.so.6 libpthread.so.0 => /lib64/libpthread.so.0 libc.so.6 => /lib64/libc.so.6 ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 => /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2compiler, glibc versions: gcc-4.7.3, glibc-2.19-r1uname output: jon@octopus ~ $ uname -aLinux octopus 3.14.17-KS.01 #8 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 14 23:45:41 EDT 2014 x86_64 AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
  6. Hello all, I noticed that when I tried to share a link on my phone, it automatically generated a link without asking me the number of times I wanted the link to be valid, or the number of days (If I wanted it in days) to allow the link to be valid. It would be nice if the application didn't default to these values.
  7. +1 to this as well. The name of the folder shouldn't be dependent on the actual folder name but rather could be stored as a metadata entry in the machine of the local user. <RealName>TheActualNameOfThisVeryLongFolder</RealName> <Alias>Spreadsheets</Alias>
  8. +1 Voting in favor of this. I would definitely like to be able to sync specific folders on my desktop. Probably should be a menu in the entry's preferences where you can use a checkbox to enable or disable a particular available directory. I know the phone has this ability and always wondered why the desktop client didn't have it. At the moment I have to have 2 different folders so that one folder can share larger files, and another could just sync smaller files.
  9. I've decided to download a copy of the btsync 1.4.72 that's on the main page and host it on my website, is this legally allowed (unmodified distribution)? Basically my ebuild is just a bash script that downloads the tarball from my website and installs it on the machine. I noticed on the link below that the person needed to put a notice saying that this is an unofficial btsync binary? It's just mirroring though so it still official, or does it mean unofficial as in that it's no longer coming from the main site? Also if I need to put the notice, I'm assuming I just need to put a notice inside the bash script that is displayed before the user downloads the application? http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/31030-btsync-license/
  10. The problem is that since that link doesn't have a specific number (rather than just a -HEAD reference), I won't be able to make a build that reliable (and always) gets the same build between different points in time. So using that link in February, wouldn't necessarily download the same program in June, thus causing breakage. EDIT: Like using this link lets me get a specific build frozen in time and it's always reproducible (Like now 1.4.72 came out but I can still get this one): http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.3.109/
  11. Hello all, I've been maintaining an ebuild I made when BTSync first started for Gentoo inside my overlay. However, there are two problems that turn up from time to time: 1. I can't use the link in the front page. For example, the Linux build for 1.4.72 is available directly from the front page but it isn't available from the link I've been using to get a direct and static build: Example: http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.4.72/btsync_x64-1.4.72.tar.gz I got that link from the main thread for the latest desktop build: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30866-latest-desktop-build-13109/ 2. Sometimes that link that I gave in the example doesn't have the latest available (like in this current situation). What is a reliable link that I can use as a packager for pulling new builds? - fearedbliss