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  1. To make things more clear: I even made a single shared folder between A and B. The syncing A->B in this case is 3-4 time slower than first syncing A->C, and then syncing C->B. As well as in opposite direction. And that's my problem, as I don't want to manually move files on C...
  2. Sorry GreatMarko, but did you read my post? "simple" sharing works. If I use server C as a proxy - it works 3-4 times faster, utilizing whole office A/B Internet bandwidth.
  3. Hello, could somebody help me with the following issue: I have 3 Windows-based machines with the BT Sync 1.3.104 installed. A and В - offices in different countries C - hosted server at Serverloft. They share the same folder. What I noticed is that the transfer speed between A and B is much slower than between A and C, or B and C. So, it's 3-4 times faster to upload files from A to C (to a separate shared folder), then move them on C to another shared folder and then download them back from C to B (again with BTSync), than to transfer them from A to B directly. I guess it might be related with the type on Internet connection at offices or so. When it works between A and B the bandwidth is not fully utilized for somehow reason... Is it possible to configure BTSync so, that it doesn't try to sync A and B directly, but only via the C server? Thanks in advance, Nikolai.