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  1. Today I installed 1.4.91 on both the macs that I had problems with before (with v1.4.83) and now it seems to work. The speed is up in MB/s again instead of lagging around at B/s.
  2. I think I have a similar issue as this one. Running 1.4.83 I get very slow or no sync speeds (talking B/s, not even KB/s), the peers are continuously dropping offline. Using two OS X computers on the same LAN connected through a Airport Extreme base station. If i pause syncing and then start it again, I get a temporary boost up to about 10-50KB/s before it drops down to bytes/s again... If I downgrade to 1.3.109 (the latest I could find in the 1.3.x series), the sync immediately completes at a more respectable 4-5MB/s. So definitely seems like something changed in 1.4 which makes it slow...