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  1. That still doesn't answer my question. "you can use it with all of your devices" The devices are from employees (BYOD) or company devices. So the question is still unanswered.
  2. That doesn't answer my question. What if the whole company needs only one identity. Is this allowed?
  3. I have read the posts and help pages but couldn't find the answer, Is this possible or better legal? I create a personal identity COMPANY INC. and share the identity on all devices. Or in a smaller group: COMPANY INC. Workgroup B? Thanks for clarification.
  4. Windows. With BTSync 1.3 you only had to have a settings.dat in your local folder. This doesn't work anymore since 1.4
  5. When will we get a portable version again? I just want to extract it and launch it with a settings file. Is this ever planned again?
  6. Still on 1.3. But only because 1.4 is not portable like 1.3 was. The UI in 1.4 is horrible. I will give SyncThing another try.
  7. On my smartphone, I have two different folders: a: /sdcard/DCIM b: /sdcard/Pictures Until now I manually moved my files from DCIM to a Pictures subdirectory. E.g. /sdcard/Pictures/Holliday June 2014 Now I want to share both folders with a full access secret with my pc. I want to move the files on my computer. But what exactly happens when I move the file from a to b. E.g. a 1GB movie. Will btsync move it or will it delete the file from a and copy it from my computer to b? I have 45GB of files in folder a and don't want to transfer all that files again.