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  1. Having BT Sync run as a Windows service wouldn't just be an enterprise-only need. There are plenty of home users who would love to have this. I run a Linux box at home as a media center/NAS and I have BT Sync installed. It is running as a service on that machine and I access it using the web. That is strictly for me personally as it keeps all my personal computers synced. My wife also has her laptop synced to a folder so there is no data loss. If I was a Windows only person, I wouldn't be able to do this without staying logged into a server all the time. At work we are all Windows shop and the thought of bringing a Linux server in sends chills up spines. I was honestly shocked when I realized the Windows client was only a client and not a service. I have to login to our server running BT Sync every time the server reboots and disconnect my session to keep my developer's data synced. Saving this feature for an enterprise only product will make several people switch to another product. Sure, some small businesses might continue to use the free product if the feature was there. That's just a fact of life, but I don't see it as a good enough reason to make the bulk of your users unhappy with your product. Up until this latest version, the product was really good and had the bugs sorted out, and users were happy. The current product has gotten a lot of users upset, and this on top of a Windows service possibly being an enterprise-only option would be enough to turn these users to something else. Please don't let money keep useful features out of this product.
  2. I have a developer experiencing the same issue. It only started when we updated to the new version.
  3. We had a developer that worked outside source control and lost his hard drive. Due to this loss of work, I turned to BitTorrent Sync which I had been using at home for quite some time. All of our developers now have a folder setup on one of our servers that serves as a real time backup solution should they lose a hard drive. It also works for those who work in source control and have the only copy of the changes until they are checked in. The server stays pretty busy with the constant builds from the developers while tiny files are created, deleted, updated, etc.