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  1. Yeah I think so. This would mean copying everything from original folders on NAS to a New folders which is a bit daft, and with 5TB of data would be too much faffing about. Thanks for the input anyway, appreciate it.
  2. But I'm syncing from Synology NAS to PC, not vice versa. So I guess it can't be Read Only the way I was trying?
  3. I must be doing something wrong in the process. Surely I have to create a remote folder and a local folder and then add the same key to both folders. Is it done differently than that? Do you create the remote folder, get the key and only then create the local folder and add the key in the one action. Can you not add it to a local folder created before?
  4. This is the process I use: Activate Synology NAS BTSync package > In web admin add NAS shared folder > copy key > in local PC BTSync add local destination sync folder > add copied key from NAS shared folder to PC > Sync. Maybe this process is wrong?
  5. Apologies for the delay. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I have the latest version on my PC, but on the Synology NAS the package version is different to PC. Could this be the issue? All other settings and the set-up are as you advise. Cheers
  7. Thanks for your response. That's exactly what I did. But when I enter this NAS (Read Only) key into the PC (Destination) it asks for a read-write key and won't accept the read only key. Any further ideas? Thanks
  8. Whenever I add a new folder to the web gui (linked to Synology NAS) it's added as Read & Write only. So when I subsequently link the destination folder, this only accepts the Read & Write key. How do I add folders as Read Only, so if I edit the info in the destination it does not edit the NAS source. Thanks a lot.