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  1. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall and move to a different tool due to the 0 byte issue. it was happening way too often and causing major disruptions. I do know we used the builtin upgrade under preferences, so I struggle to understand how mixed architecture versions were installed unless there is a bug in the upgrade tool.
  2. We have the admin password issue with 1 out of the 7 clients we have. All clients are Windows 7 x64.
  3. We just upgraded to 1.4.103 to fix the newer files overwriting older files issue and then this popped up. It happens randomly and we just encounter 0 byte files. It seems that recreating the same file creates the same issue. Unfortunately the test files we have are sensitive and cannot be shared. Not stable and a pretty major issue. 1.4.103 shouldn't be in the wild with these types of issues. Makes btsync very unreliable.