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  1. Bittorrent sync is using up all of my ram (90%) on a linux machine when trying to sync 500 gb from a Windows computer to an external drive on a Linux computer. There are 1,690,755 files and 140,126 folders which total 411 GB. I tried to send the log files to bittorrent sync, but the log files were too big. They were about 100 MB, but the website would only accept log files that were about 20 MB.
  2. Hmmm. . . this didn't seem to work. I tried setting both of those values to 1 and then restarted btsync, but the RAM still climbs up to 90%. Note that in Linux I can't just go to advanced settings and click more options. I had to create a btsync.conf file, as described here: After getting the text for the conf file by typing "./btsync --dump-sample-config" I then added the lines to set the recv_buf_size and send_buf_size like this: ,"recv_buf_size" : 1 ,"send_buf_size" : 1 However, the default is 10 Mb and the lowest I can set the value is 1 Mb. I then started btsync while passing the config file as a paramter. At 1 Mb the RAM still climbs to 90%.
  3. Is there some way that I can limit the amount of memory (RAM) used by bittorrent sync (btsync) in Linux (Ubuntu). I am syncing about 500 GB of files from one machine to the Linux machine. However, about 90% of the RAM is being used by btsync during this process (which will take many days). I usually only remote to this Ubuntu computer instead of directly controlling it, and when 90% of the RAM is being used, the computer becomes very unresponsive. Is there some way that I can limit the amount of RAM used by btsync? I would be willing to slow down the sync process if I can limit the RAM.