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  1. OK, I finally got it. It was just the Windows logon. I had missed one capital letter when I tried it earlier. I wish Windows would tell me what username/password it was looking for (ie windows logon, etc).
  2. I've searched all over the place and I cannot find what's going on here. I just installed a new QNAP NAS, and installed Resilio Sync. When I try to open Resilio Sync, I get a windows security message. I have tried passwords from my router, model, computer account, NAS, and I cannot find anything that works. I have encountered this before on another NAS device, but never figured a solution either. What, exactly, is this asking for? In the image you see, the "admin" is from what I typed in. The first time it comes up I have two blank spaces for username and password.
  3. Update: This is a big reason I chose Resilio Sync. Ever since the name change, the infotechs haven't bothered me. With the VPN all's working well.
  4. Thanks, got it! I had some issues with security certificates, but your link helped a lot.
  5. I'm not at my home computer right now, but I'm pretty sure I tried the following: From the Windows version, open Sync, click the gear, license, then" copy". Then I opened Sync on my NAS using IE. Because I'm not at my home computer at the moment, I'm not sure exactly what I did but I would have found a screen to apply a license. I did not know them was a "guide". I looked on the Resilio site and couldn't find one. Can you tell me where it is? I don't know if it makes any difference or not , but if I install the latest version of Resilio on my NAS I get
  6. Everyone's thoughts could be with friends and relatives in Florida and the Carribean in the wake of hurricane Irma, and Jose is on the way too.
  7. I had to reinstall my NAS version of Resilio Sync. When I tried to copy and paste the license key it tells me to enter a valid key. How can I upgrade the license to my NAS version?
  8. I checked on my NAS and am having trouble with compatibility errors. The old version 2.4.1 installed last October normally without compatibility errors. With version 2.5.7, I get the compatibility error and informs me that it will not automatically start. I have reinstalled 2.4.1 and it seems to work normally. Seagate NAS SRN21c
  9. I was experiencing more difficulty connecting to Resilio Sync recently. I have discovered it's related to Kaspersky Internet Security 2017. I have uninstalled KIS 2017 and installed KIS 2016 and the issue seems to have resolved itself. I now seem to have a solid Sync connection using my VPN at my school.
  10. I have already migrated, but I had a heck of a time. The NAS instructions said to "stop BitTorrent Sync", but I never did find out how to stop it. I just uninstalled BitTorrent Sync knowing all my files were safe on another device, then installed Resilio Sync. Migration was not easy as was implied in the instructions and e-mails I received. I really appreciate the help available here, and value Helen's and other's efforts. My point here is that more clear instructions on the websites would be very helpful for some steps, is possible. Larry
  11. At my school I've had difficulty because of all the firewalls security stuff. Many websites are blocked. I've gotten around it by using an VPN. This usually works, although I seem to have to empty the cache or restart my tablet to get the peers up. My laptop on Windows 7 Pro seems happy with the VPN and Resilio Sync.
  12. I'm sure some one has done it, but I couldn't find from searching that anyone has. I successfully synched my Internet Explorer favorites between my laptop and desktop. I have always been frustrated by saving a favorite on one machine, then having to dig up the link to save it on the other machine. No more! Larry
  13. I'm using the school WIFI. Other students have attempted to hack the network, so there are tons of security layers. Interestingly, my laptop connects to peers more reliably than my tablet, even though both are connected to the same WIFI. Once, clearing the cache of the tablet made all the difference. Other times, I would have no peers until I had the VPN up and running. Other times, rebooting the tablet brought the peers up. Often, I get peers first thing during the day. However, I'm having trouble finding a pattern when I get the peers up, and when I can't. I had this issue w
  14. Thanks, I'll look into this. Knowing my luck, as soon as they see me using a port for Sync, they'll block that one too! I'd have better luck teaching an octopus to fly than convincing them to unblock/allow Sync through their firewall. Larry