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  1. thanks for anserwing Helen, none of these 3 conditions were met, so sync should have archived. 'max_file_size_for_versioning' is set to 1000. (I'm guessing it's MB, in which case no file could exceed that) archive is enabled and it did save the project, but an old version from the day before. which makes it useless. On Kuba's computer it saved some unrelated things. Before we noticed this, this happened: we were working on the project, we saved, then closed the project, opened a different project (not from a sync folder) and then went back to the previous one to see that al
  2. I was working on a big multi-file project with my friend over at his computer. this project was synced. after I returned home he calls me and says half of the files are gone. I tell him to look his history and the last thing he has is finished syncing. (the 33 minutes ago is 23:21) at the same time i look at my history and what I've got is a list of all the files deleted by him at 23:18. There is nothing about it in his history. I go into archive and there's a few old files from days earlier and one from today from 23:18, however in actuality it's a version from the day before.