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  1. I have the same error, [2018-10-19 07:48:16.585] FC[343A]: Check fs duplicates, fp: \\?\E:\Path\Of\File.txt (1 0), suffix: \\?\E:\Path\Of\File.txt (1 0) I have already renamed the file on both machines, still flooded by the same error Resilio Sync is stuck and after quitting the process still lingers around in the task manager. EDIT: OK I managed to "unstuck" it by the following steps: 1. disconnect the folder 2. quit resilio & kill process from task manager 3. start resilio and ensure that everything else synced again 4. delete .sync folder from the disconnected
  2. So this is my story ... I really needed some files from my archives because they accidentally got deleted on another device. So far so good, that's what sync archives are for right? WRONG: today, bit torrent sync for whatever reason just disconnected all of my folders on all of my devices. The bad thing about this is that for whatever reason bit torrent sync also deletes the archive when disconnecting a folder. Really guys this is a very bad decision and leads to data loss (especially when bit torrent itself disconnects the folder automatically because of some stupid bug!). It deleted very imp