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  1. Thank you Gane! I'm thankful this was such an easy fix, thank you so much for taking the time to respond!
  2. I have Sync installed on a Raspberry Pi running Rasbian. When I perform a sudo apt-get update I get the following error: Err:1 http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/deb resilio-sync InRelease The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BE66CC4C3F171DE2 I'm fairly certain I followed the original instructions posted here. How am I able to repair this? Can I get Sync updated without having to reinstall and reconfigure Sync? Also - is there a way to backup all my preferences and folders with Sync? If my Raspberry Pi were to die, how would I recover Sync without having to re-add everything manually?
  3. This post goes over nested folder sharing with Sync. It makes sense but it limits the redundancy you can have with a network of Sync devices. Introducing a brief overview of how I use sync (image attached). I use a RaspberryPi to house absolutely all my files from photos to music to documents, I keep everything in one folder called 'Documents'. This folder is mirrored between my laptop/desktop/and RaspberryPi and it works great. The problem is when my RaspberryPi goes down. My laptop and desktop still mirror each other, but they don't get mobile phone photos and phone #2 doesn't get music despite those files be available on multiple sources (desktop and laptop). I know it would be difficult to fix Sync to overcome this problem, but it would without a doubt be worth it. You'd get much better redundancy and wouldn't have any downtime on other machines just because one machine went down.