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  1. Ah ... OK Thank you for explanations Can you direct me somewhere I can read more about threading? I have zero knowledge, so to stop ask elementary questions like "Why only two threads are running for a long time and the rest sleeps ... because i would expect more evenly splits process into threads." Or what status "Ssl" means (sleeping?) / "Dsl" status = running?
  2. admin@pixle:/$ ps aux | grep sync root 138 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? S Sep08 0:01 [sync_supers] admin 15142 10.2 76.2 1102320 391652 ? Ssl Sep09 304:41 /usr/local/resiliosync/bin/rslsync --config /usr/local/resiliosync/var/sync.conf admin 20063 0.0 0.1 4656 1000 pts/1 S+ 21:28 0:00 grep --color=auto sync admin@pixle:/$ Or should I try to log as root? As admin I can't get to home dir, I don't know if its important for you. Could not chdir to home directory /var/services/homes/admin: No such file or directory Thank you for help
  3. Hmm ... Is it so obvious or difficult to say whats going on here? Thank you In this post from 2017 , there was only one rslsync process. Also there isn't any process multiplied. Or is it problem of Synology so should I ask there?
  4. I need to change parameter for folder_rescan_interval to zero (to stop indexing). I followed instructions, but without success. When I change the number, popup window informs me to "Restart Sync ...", so I go to Packages Centre to stop and run Resilio, but my parameter (zero) is set back to previous. ("Previous" I mean a number I changed a year back from default to 86400 (day) interval.) Thank you for help Edit: Now I see I had the same issue already the year back. In that time Helen navigate me to use script, that did a job, but it doesn't work now either. I already changed parameter directly in settings.dat file with vi command, but it's more than year and half that this saving is not working. Or is it only my private issue?
  5. I'm not so techy, but this doesn't look like a correct right ...? I'm running only one Mac (three directories) to sync on NAS. There is eight identical rslsync processes, that seems like duplications, if so ... how can I stop them? They are sleeping only one is running, but the sizes are same. Like rslsync 19498 is running all the time, 19496 just for a sec, others sleeps. Even there is a one with higher ID 19501. (There are other multiplied processes – 36x synoelasticd, 16x syslog-ng, 13x thumbd, 8x scemd but they are small and related to sinology, right?) Thanks for help. Notes: My RAM is utilizated on 90%, and Web GUI is not responding today. There is like 300 GB files synced on 4 TB NAS, but with 512 MB of RAM, so 380 MB can be enough. Disk utilisation 100%, activities on net almost zero as clear from dropbox screen. At the moment there is like 8 GB waiting to sync from this week. There are two other Macs, that where set to sync on the same NAS, but they stopped to sync more like a year ago. I can't believe nobody noticed
  6. ... failed: Temporary failure in name resolution. wget: unable to resolve host address '' /usr/local/resiliosync/var$ wget --2017-02-01 13:53:42-- Resolving failed: Temporary failure in name resolution. wget: unable to resolve host address '' It's real adventure for me as GUI user to hunt command lines. But I got it ! Download script on Mac, copy to NAS (because it doesn't want to run from Mac directory) and than moved to "var" folder. python settings.dat get folder_rescan_interval And as you wrote ... Terminal wrote "Parameter "folder_rescan_interval" doens't exists in bencoded file settings.dat" So I set interval to 86400 sec (24h) python settings.dat set folder_rescan_interval 86400 And after that interval is set and kept also after Resilio "Restart". Thank you for help Lets see if it will work. Question is - is it a bug, that Resilio does not save changes? (Resilio on Mac keeps changes I did in user preferences list.)
  7. I followed your link instruction, but two things happened: - instruction doesn't mention "Restart" Reslilio to apply changes (that's what Resilio says when something was changed ons this list) - when I restart Resilio, changes on the list are reset to default (by "restart" I understand go to package centre on NAS and "Stop" Resilio package and "Run" package again) Did I something wrong? (The interval parameter that I tried was 43200 and 86400 - 12 and 24 hours).
  8. "Reorganizing data" I meant some optimisation of segments on disc (like disc fragmentation) to later faster read/write on disc. Because like now, even data are synced (Resilio on a Mac is paused), RAM is used nicely 65% (from process monitoring I can see "rslsync" use 230 MB of RAM.), but Disk is used 100% = Web GUI again lacks (like 10 mins) to display page. So what Resilio does at this time, that use the disk up to 100%? Is it for indexing (read/write) that is not affected by "Pause"? If this is the reason, is it possible to change period of indexing? Thank you for help.
  9. OK. Reinstallation worked well and much faster then in March. Total size of files in "var" folder is 1.4GB (previously 3.8GB). But as you said, the 512 MB RAM ... it was quite quickly filled. Only 27% is used by NAS (even Resilio is not running). After all sync RAM is used 88%. DISK is in various situations from 27% to 100%. Quite strange was that -less usage when indexing and 99% for "nothing" (syncing=0, indexing=0). Any explanation what Resilio is doing? Reorganizing data on disk? Just today I noticed - Pause Resilio on NAS and Mac does not pause indexing itself, that is running like each 10 min. Sync Schedule is Pro version feature, right? Increase RAM is not possible with my Synology, if so I will have to buy new one. Thank you for your help.
  10. "Overwrite any changed files" - Yes I have. Reinstall you mean Uninstall Package and Install, right? Here is zip with sync.log and it's all zip archives. sync.log is about 20MB, the rest 250MB, here is the link to download package Link you provided refers to sent *.journal files, they are 1GB 24files (and 110 zip files about 0,5GB). If you think it would be the best to clear all NAS (Synology) and sync from scratch I will do that. It just took so long to sync a first time, so if there is chance to get it works again I will appreciate that support.
  11. Can you check my files? RAM 95%, Disk 99%, Network almost nothing. High point on network is time when I hit reload page. Reload took more than 30 min. now. About .db file - there are a few of them - check the RTF file, sorted by date (attach includes also list of all items in directory you could recognise better what is going on) Note: just don't give you a wrong impression - I have zero command line knowledge, all was googled, sorry usr-local-resiliosync-var_ls.rtf usr-local-resiliosync-var_ls_-lah_*db.rtf
  12. After migration from 2.3.7 (or so) to 2.4.4 its impossible to do any reasonable step to manage Resilio on NAS. I use Resilio to mirror (Read Only) 4 folders from my Mac via router to NAS (Synology) via LAN. Any try to work with web GUI takes 10-20 min for each single step. When I enter address above blank page with grey strip paper for a long time. After that any popup window takes a while (if so) to display whole icons and checkboxes. Some changes are not setuped after that anyway. To add New Folder I didn't finish yet for more than hour (enter link, change directory, connect). To open Peers for specific folder to check a list of current transferring files - impossible Also on Mac Resilio very often shows zero of peers. To speed it up I tried to leave only LAN and use "predefine host", reset IP cache disable encryption and followed this tips But there are not changes in speed after that. Thanks for your tips
  13. When I remove folder from Mac's Resilio list, folder is not removed on my NAS (it's still on Resilio's NAS list and also physically on NAS too). Even the folder was removed from syncing (resilio's list) a ".sync" folder is still inside. Is that expected behaviour? Should I remove them manually? Thank you for help. OS X 10.12.2 Resilio 2.4.4 (migration from ? 2.3.7)