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  1. Last time I removed the var and app folder and restored there my backup. Now I copied over my backup var and app folder and can now restart resilio. When I use 2.7.1 resilio UI shows all sync folders but is giving me database errors https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/204753659 When I use 2.6.2 resilio UI shows no sync folders and database error. I guess I need 2.6.3-1 apollolake.
  2. I stopped Resilio and restored the old var folder in /volume1/@appstore/resiliosync/var/ but now I can't start resilio again. Perhaps because my backup is from version 2.6.3-1 and in synology appstore only 2.6.2. is available. Any chance to get hands on version 2.6.3-1 ? The download page for manual installation provides 2.7.1 I need it for a DS 918+ -> apollolake.
  3. I changed the harddrives of a Synology DS 918+ to get more space. Saved all packages settings and data. But could not recover the resilio-package. So I installed manually the newest version. Is the any way to copy the old fingerprint and settings?
  4. v2.4.1 and v2.4.5 both don´t work better. Still locked files error on our synologys. We´ll give the project another month and then its dead for us. Looks like their burning money instead of working on the real problems.
  5. Hi Resilio Support, what is the last working version? We are struggeling with the locked file problem on a synology DS415+ (avoton) and a synology 412+ (cedarview). Can you provide us with older versions to give us a try? best, DIrk