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  1. i found the log on the windows client... where can i find it on freenas and synology? I've looked around but didn't find much. I did some more testing and come to conclude that the problem is on the Freenas box. I tested from windows to windows and got full speed. I then tested from one nas(synology) to windows, this was fast as well. as soon as Freenas comes into the picture, its slow. Strangely, when i sync locally i get full speeds with no issues. I don't really think its my router/firewall at this point because when i use my windows client, i don't need to do anything and it just works. Perhaps there is a firewall in freenas/freebsd? or something in freenas that blockes/limits UDP trafic? Is there anyone that uses freenas/freebsd and had no problems? EDIT: For now i fixed it by creating a VM with debian that runs resilio inside my freenas box. but maybe its worth checking if its not a bug/common issue when used in freenas/freebsd?
  2. I looked in the log to try and see if it would list failed connections. I can try to forward the listening port... although usually that port is used for initial connection... then (often) multiple connections are made on different ports for the actual data... but ill give it a try and see if it improves.
  3. Hey, First off, please dont tell me to google or that there are a ton of posts like this one, most of those actually have slow transfer speeds but also local. not just over internet. thanks I've just started using Resilio and i like the functionality. I just have one question: How can i troubleshoot slow transfer speeds over the internet? When i sync things locally, i get around 20-30MB witch can be better but works good enough... But when i start to sync to a friend of mine over the internet, my speeds drop to about 300-500Kb... and not really stable speed... it changes all over the place. I'm not using a relay server so that is not the issue. Out internet connections are: 300/30 and 200/20 so that also is not a problem. When i transfer a file using filezilla(sftp) i have consistent speeds around the max of our internet lines. Also i would like to know what ports are used for the connecting part (when adding a new folder to sync). As i found out that i only can add folders between me and my friend in one way. If i add a folder my friend shared, it works. When i share the folder and my friend adds it, it just wont connect. This is a firewall issue as i'm using PfSense and my friend is using a normal router. As soon as connections come my way, there blocked but i can't seem to find the port number. In a log i found 35454 when a windows client tries to connect but forwarding this did not solve it. In the log it said: sending ping to <my remote ip>:35454. I know that PfSense blocks all pings for safety. so that might explain that. But adding folders from me to my friend seems to be a workaround for that. But as my router might be blocking more that just the pings... maybe opening ports can help? or is the slow transfer speed something else? What are your average transfer speeds? I also see in the log that files are split into small pieces... is it worth changing that value to something a bit bigger? maybe bigger pieces transfer faster as it doesn't need to setup a new connection for every piece?