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  1. Wow! Not easy to understand without knowing, but very awesome! :-D That should be a highlighted feature. :-) Thank you!
  2. Try Transmission instead for Mac and .torrent files. I think it's a good thing that Resilio Sync does not do .torent files, because that includes a lot of legal issues if users download illegal stuff.
  3. I have one fast startup SSD disk, with less space and one larger slower disk. It would be great being able to sync both of these on different disks. At the moment, I can share a folder on the fast SSD to other computers, but it will appear on the default location. In the future, it would be a great feature just to right click on the folder and choose a new location for it. Think I will have to use 1TB Dropbox now for the SSD and use Resilio Sync for the big disk...