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  1. Same here, no SD cards involved. We actively remove everything from Resilio Sync (where did the nested folders get lost?) I look back with a crying eye.
  2. Can you add this to the beta channel at Googles Play store?
  3. Same problem here with Android 10. The app does not exit nor sync something nor I can open folders in the app. Force stop works.
  4. Both Resilio Sync and Syncthing work well with existing directory structures. I do not know any limitations, but I only use Linux operating systems.
  5. Since I had the same problems and the integrity of file synchronization is essential, Resilio Sync was replaced with Syncthing on Ubuntu 18.10 computers. Maybe Resilio wants to get rid of Sync business, pro and home users. Could be cash flow or profit issues in this user segment.
  6. Same Problem here: Since version 2.6.X core functionality is basically gone, since a lot of folders not in sync anymore. This is super critical! @Resilio Support Forum Please advise! p.s. as a temporary solution I replaced the problematic Resilio Sync folders with Syncthing folders. Any other solution would be great too.