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  1. I've found why Sync cannot remove files: It does not support bind mounted volumes, which I use a lot.. very sad. It should be fixed I guess, or documented somewhere. The app should not crash at least. The SSL errors are still a mystery for me. Someone can help?
  2. IPv6 does not work on Android client. My Sync server is configured to bind to IPv6 address (I don't have public IPv4), but It's impossible to connet with Android client, so I guess it doesn't support IPv6. Please fix this, for me it's a bug, we have 2019..
  3. I have a lot of troubles setting Resilio to work on my Synology DSM 6.2. My main problem: Resilio running on Synology cannot remove files from NAS that were deleted from Android peer. Logs show this (every few minutes): [20190621 16:54:55.591] Failed to move file /volume1/documents/Android/Home Documents/resiliosync_88f6281_2.6.3-1.spk to trash. Error: 18 [20190621 16:54:55.592] Failed to move file /volume1/documents/Android/Home Wallpapers/resiliosync_88f6281_2.6.3-1.spk to trash. Error: 18 [20190621 16:55:35.647] Failed to move file /volume1/documents/Android/Home Documents/swaks-20181104.0.tar.gz to trash. Error: 18 All ACLs on Synology verified to be R/W for rslsync user. Share is also R/W. My config is as follows: { "storage_path" : "/usr/local/resiliosync/var", "pid_file" : "/usr/local/resiliosync/var/", "display_new_version" : false, "use_upnp" : false, "listening_port": 64065, "vendor" : "synology", "webui" : { "listen" : "[::]:28888", "login": "admin", "password": "<pass deleted>", "allow_empty_password" : false, "force_https": true, "dir_whitelist": ["/volume1", "/home/admin"] }, "directory_root" : "/", "directory_root_policy":"belowroot", "sync_trash_ttl": 7 } I have another peer on my PC (Windows 10) connected to the same share. Deleting files from the PC peer works as expected; file remove is populated to the NAS, and then to the Android. So It works that way, but no the opposite. Besides this, my logs are full of repeated errors (related?): [20190621 16:31:33.261] HTTPS: connection [server] has been aborted - code: 336151574, func: "ssl3_read_bytes", reason: "sslv3 alert certificate unknown"