1TB of data stops indexing after 62GB


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I have just downloaded the latest version of Bittorrent Sync on Ubuntu via the apt archive. I added a folder and used as my secret a read-only secret from a friend's computer running on OS X. But he's not actually connected right now.

The software started scanning my drive, which contains 1TB of data (my friend initially copied the files to this drive locally so we wouldn't have to push all 1TB over the Internet). I monitored the progress of indexing by watching the web UI and could see it making progress (the total size was growing). But it stopped making progress at 62.1GB in 452 files, whereas the directory actually has 971GB in 18284 files.

Any idea what's going on? The logs don't have any useful data in them and the daemon itself appears to be idle.



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About the same problem - I opened a ticket and have some contacts with BitTorrent team. Problem seems to be at sqlite level, some trailing locks or something like that.

You can see this by enabling the debug mode, start it over - you'll stumble on SyncDB errors stating it's unable to complete the statement (i.e. cannot insert new content) - the DB is locked.

Hopefully this will be corrected shortly.



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Hmm, it seems to have mysteriously unstuck itself.

A couple questions though:

1. I tried to enable debug logging but I couldn't follow the instructions at [0]. I couldn't find my .sync directory. The Ubuntu package has no binary called "btsync" (only btsync-daemon). The btsync-daemon binary is in /usr/lib/btsync, which has no .sync directory in it. I also couldn't find a .sync directory in /var/lib/btsync, which is where the log file and all data files are. How can I enable debug logging?

2. How can I know that btsync is actually working if it can fail without signaling any kind of error? When indexing was stuck for me the UI indicated no error, and there were no errors in the (non-debug) logs in /var/lib/btsync/sync.log. I want to have confidence from here on out that the files are actually being synced correctly.




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