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Getting BTSync work on my PPC QorIQ device

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I have a WiFi router that runs OpenWRT and does not have a MIPS CPU but rather a Freescale PPC QorIQ CPU.


So I tried the PPC QorIQ version of BTSync but got:

./btsync: No such file or directory

I figured it might be because OpenWRT uses uClibc instead of glibc.


I can build my own OpenWRT with eglibc (notice the "e"!). But it takes time and I want to ask for advice before trying and wasting time.


My question is: Is uClibc really the problem? If yes, does BTSync work with eglibc or is glibc really needed? Other remarks?



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I can assure you, I am not that dumb. It is extracted and i run it corretly. On my Ubuntu machine I run the correspoinding exectable (there of course the x86) the exact same way and it works.


The not found error is a dependency error on OpenWRT.

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