Sync Messing Up Creation And Last Modified Dates For Folders


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On OS X when joining a folder and starting the sync it seems that creation and modification dates only get preserved for files, whereas folders lose their original dates and get "touched" as of the time of sync.


This is a showstopper for me since I rely on those dates in my workflow, sorting, etc.


Is this a bug or a feature ?!? And is there any way to somehow preserve those dates with the current build?



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I also have this on Windows. Original files on a linux server and an Android phone both sync to the Windows desktop with their dates intact, but the folder dates are all set to the time of the sync, which makes it a pain for sorting etc.


I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned this, makes me wonder whether it is working fine for everyone else.

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Indeed, If on the receiving peer you don't use an already existing folder, the creation time of the synced folder on the receiving peer will the current time when this folder is actually created. the same will be the mtime. You create folder - you have a creation time "now".


But once you edit some files on the folder the mtime of it updates and is synced. 

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This seems inconsistent behaviour though - why do files have their mtime preserved, but folders don't? (by the way, we are talking about all sub-folders in the synced folder, not just the top-level containing folder).


Following your explanation, all files on the receiving peer would also be created with a creation time "now", as they didn't exist on that peer previously, but that isn't what happens (thankfully!)


Regarding your last point, I have just done a test by creating a new file in one of the sub-folders to see what happened to the mtime of the containing folder. The mtime on the folder at the sending peer (linux) was updated, but the mtime on the folder at the receiving peer  (windows) was unchanged, even though the file was synced across ok.


Out of interest, I tried creating a file on the windows side. The same thing happened - Windows did not update the containing folder mtime, but when the file synced across, the mtime of the folder on linux was updated.


So it seems like the two OS's handle this differently. However, I would still expect the initial sync to have replicated the original folder mtimes across, just as it has done with the files.

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