Files "locked" In Ubuntu?


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I use BTSync mostly to get files from an external server. Currently I'm downloading data from a server with a whooping 1.2 TBs in audio and videos files. When a folder is done downloading, I move it to a local external hard drive.


I have added the folder from the remote server as a read-only server on my side.  I can copy the files to a different place, but I cannot delete them.


How can I delete files from my BTSync folder that have a "lock" in them? They can't be sent to trash and when I click delete, they won't because "Permission denied".


Once I download the files from the server, I relocate the files from the server to a different directory as to prevent other people from downloading the same files I already have. If I can't delete the folders locally, will BTSync at least pick up the changes eventually and remove the moved folders from my side?

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Can you please right click on the files that have a lock and check the permissions?


Either that or open up a terminal window (Ctrl + Alt + t) and navigate to the folder and use the command "ls -la"

The options "la" will show all the files (Including hidden) and also list the owner, group, and permissions for the files.


You might need to change the ownership.

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Hi AndyIbanez,


If you delete your files on a remote server, it will be deleted on other peers as well, including read-only peers. If you want to make sure that Sync is not locking any of your files - you can shut down the Sync. When running - it has to open your files and re-check them for changes periodically. Also, you can reduce this period of checking on your read-only peer by adjusting folder_rescan_interval parameter in advanced settings.

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