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Hey guys,


Been using btsync for a while and it's always been a bit sluggish for me. So I finally decided to do something about it and hopefully fix that.


I'm running the latest version (1.2.82), on two machines that are:


Locally - running Ubuntu 12.04.3

Remote - server running Gentoo


My connection is an ADSL2+ connection (20Mbps down / 1Mbps up roughly) located in Melbourne, AU

My remote machine is sitting in a data-centre with a 150Mbps port located in The Netherlands


For reference, I can max out this connection downloading via HTTP but Btsync is much nicer in that it's automated. Unfortunately using Btsync means I only get ~200KB/s (500 on a good night) while using HTTP means I can get at least 1MB/s off the server.


Here's the log:

[20140204 01:35:39.824] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152[20140204 01:35:39.824] Using IP address[20140204 01:35:39.824] Loading config file version 1.2.82[20140204 01:35:39.962] Loaded folder /mnt/raid/download/-snip-[20140204 01:35:39.986] Loaded folder /mnt/raid/download/-snip-[20140204 01:35:40.025] Loaded folder /mnt/raid/download/-snip-[20140204 01:35:40.146] Loaded folder /mnt/raid/download/-snip-[20140204 01:35:40.906] UPnP: Unable to get external IP.[20140204 01:35:40.935] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140204 01:36:17.856] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140204 01:36:17.864] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) [20140204 01:36:17.889] UPnP: Unable to get external IP.[20140204 01:36:28.824] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP.-- lots of 'piece complete' notifications ---- more UPnP errors (same as above) ---- repeat ad infinitum --

So the .1 address is the modem, the .2 address is the access point.


I hope I've provided enough info. Any suggestions guys?

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Well, from your log, it looks like there's a problem with UPnP on your router, and also given your devices are in two different locations (i.e. on two different LANS, as you've not indicated that you have a VPN between them?) it's most probably that Sync is making relayed connections (rather than direct connections) between your devices.


Relayed connections are generally a lot slower than direct connections (as they are "relayed" through an intermediary).


Therefore, to improve your transfer speed:

  1. Resolve your router's UPnP issue(s)
  2. Consider setting up a VPN between your two locations so that your two devices in different countries appear as though they are on the same physical LAN
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