Sync Between 2 Qnaps No Longer Working


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I have two Qnap NAS devices that I have installed the Bittorrent Sync package on.  One is a TS-639 Pro and the other is a TS-669 Pro.  The two devices have synced perfectly for about 6 months.  Then all of a sudden the sync stopped working and the btsync process would die off after a few minutes.  We finally found in the log files that the process was crashing because we didn't have UPNP turned on at the router.  Now that we have UPNP up and running, btsync doesn't crash, however the sync process never completes.  The web GUI on the Qnap takes several minutes to load on the TS-639 and then it returns the error "Sync stopped.  Device time difference more than 600 seconds."  I have read through countless threads on the forum that indicate that this problem is the result of a clock being wrong on one of the machines.  I have double and even triple checked the system clocks and they are within 7 seconds of each other.  All of the daylight savings time and time zone settings are exactly the same on the two devices.  


At this point, the only thing I can come up with is that the TS-639 is running low on memory and not keeping an accurate time while sync is trying to run.  I don't even know if that's possible, but I have noticed on the TS-639 that the clock will not auto update on the web GUI when it is under heavy load.  The clock does update on the TS-669.  I'm considering doing a RAM upgrade, but wanted to check here and see if anyone had any other ideas first.  


Appreciate any help or insights you might be able to offer.  

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If you're receiving a "Sync stopped. Device time difference more than 600 seconds." error then there will be an issue with the system clock on one or more of your devices.


From what you describe, it sounds like your device's clocks start off correct, but then either drift, or jump, in the middle of a Sync process.


Resolving the issues with your system clock(s) should then also resolve your Sync issue.


As a last resort, you could possibly increase the "sync_max_time_diff" advanced setting to allow for your system clock issue, but this isn't ideal, and won't actually address the root issue, which lays with your system clock(s).

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