No Immedeate Synch (Linux)


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From the documentation I userstand that BTsync will synch a file immedeately when it is changed. (Except for Mac OSX, where it can take up to 10 minutes).


I'm running BTsync on Linux (Fedora 17). When a file changes, it is not synched immedeately, but only when the 10-minute folder scan takes place.

Everything else seems to work okay, so I wonder whether I did configure something wrong.

The other system is a Synology DS413 NAS.Both systems are running 1.2.82.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried the various tests and none of them show signs of inotify watches shortage.

Using strace on btsync, I see no calls to the inotify routines, so apparently btsync isn't using inotify at all (which does, indeed, explain what happens). However as far as I understand btsync *should* use inotify to track file modifications.

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Further investigations reveal that some of the binaries downloadable from the site do not have support for inotify compiled in. After switching to a suitable binary my problem is fixed [modulo a 10 second delay, which is acceptable].


<rant>If BTSync had been open source, this would have taken a mere 10 minutes to find out. Now it has taken several days and a lot of frustration.</rant>

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