Sync Not Deleting Files On Ipod Ios

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I have an iPOD with iOS version 6.1.6, that syncs with two other machines: a Windows 8.1 machine, and an Android device.  All is working fine except that when I delete a file via the iPod, it gets deleted locally, but not on the others. If I wait log enough the files reappear back on the iPOD. If I delete from Win 8.1 or Android, all three devices in the 'sync swarm' will update correctly. If I add file via iPod it works correctly. Only delete on iPOD not working. I was convinced I had incorrectly used "Read Only" setting but after multiple attempts via QR code scan, I know I have it set to Full Access.


I read the other forum posts about iOS OS issue, and 10 minute scan delay, but I could not fund anything specific to this. Hopfully I am not creating a duplicate topic here. If so feel free to pm me and delete this topic.


Other than that I love Sync! Awesome! Wish you had done it sooner.  An amazing first kick at the can if you ask me.

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This is the design. File is actually not deleted on iOS, but "un-synced". iOS has no fully functional file system available for apps, so we have to limit the deletion of files on iOS. Your Win and Android clients are fully functional, that's why file removal is propagated on all other peers.

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