Android - Not Syncing Back To Phone

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Using Android, Mac OS X 1.3.86, ARM 1.3.86, x64 1.3.86


I want a two way synchronisation with my Android phone so that:

- when I take a new picture I can access it from my macbook

- when I do some clean and erase a picture from the macbook it gets erased from my phone


I used to be able to do that by adding a normal sync folder to my phone and click on "auto-sync"

However now, new pictures from the phones are not sync'd back to the laptop.


I can't use the backup options because the only secret you allow to share is a read only one...


Is this a bug or a feature?

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This setup is feasible and indeed achieved by adding a plain sync folder on Android device (a folder with photos) and adding it on, say, your Mac. It should work fine in 1.3


Do I understand correctly that it was working on some previous version? If yes - which one?

Also, are you using auto-sleep option on your Android device? If yes - you should give your Android phone a time to check for changes and sync them to Mac (time depends on your Sleep value).

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