Have To Quit And Restart Btsync For Sync To Start

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Please Help!


I have BTsync 1.3.105 running on my MacBook Pro 10.9 in the office and on a iMac on 10.7 in another location (not on my LAN).


When I add a file or folder to my 'sync' folder nothing happens, I get the notification to say it is syncing with the other machine, but nothing actually happens or appears in the History or Transfers windows.


I then quit BTsync and start up again and instantly the sync starts and it appears on the other machine.


I have read through the forums and can't find a similar problem so any help would be appreciated!

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Thanks "jaymacspurs", I was about to publish a similar post! :rolleyes:


We don't use Macbook/IOSx, but still, we also have similar behavior between some of our peers!

---slow speed/no speed---stop/start btsync---good speed again...but for how long??


I've seen this issue on OS like, Win 2008, win 8/8.1 & Debian all those running BTS 1.3.94/1.3.105.

On our side, & for some reason, this issue appear only on few peers, but still, it is happening somehow!

So far than I know, nothing suspicious in the debug log, It just stop transferring for some unknown reason!?

Any idea's?









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Hi all,


1. Please check that when transfer stops - your other peers are still visible in the devices list.

2. Turn on debug logging. Mark down the time when "traffic not flows". Send both debug logs (at least 2 peers necessary, which do not transfer anything) to syncapp@bittorrent.com. We'll try to find out why it happens. Refer to this forum topic in your mail with logs.

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