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I would like to request the following feature in Bittorrent Sync:

In DropBox it is possible to grant or revoke read and/or write access to a folder.

This could be implemented with a secret which can be revoked by the "master". This should inlcude the possibility to write files in this folder and the "master" should have the possibility to restrict access whenever he wants. Would this be possible or are there any technical problems to realise this idea?

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That works in Dropbox because the Dropbox servers are the central instance. This differs conceptually from the way BTSync is designed. There is no "master" that could control access or distribute new keys.

Maybe the long-promised "pro / business" version of BTSync contains something like that.

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Yes I know that there is no Server between the two parties. But if a special "secret" is created which dont' gives full rights to the "slave" folder may wait for a request from the "master" to stop the access to the folder.

I hope my idea is understandable. At least there should be a way to restrict the write access from a certain machine to the folder:

A is creating a folder and gives B Access to the folder.

On the machine of A it should be possible to block all request from B's machine.

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The "problem" in the current design is that there is no single machine A. There are (potentially) lots of As and they are all equal.


If you have only one A, simply re-create the folder with a new secret. (Yes, you have to send the new secret to all other Bs that shall continue to have access.)


I unterstand your requirement, but as I see it that would mean a major change in BTSync's design. You would have to introduce a central instance or control server. I would like to have that as well, but like I said, that might be something for the business version.

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This type of behaviour might be possible if one time secrets did not reveal the "real" secrets.  I made a more general post about this idea (, and I am looking forward to hearing other users' and, hopefully, developers' thoughts.  If you're going to do anything more than casual file sharing with BTSync then there must be more control over permissions an emphasis on "keeping secret" secrets!

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