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  1. The problem is not getting BTSync to run in the background, but accessing the GUI while it does.
  2. What? Who thought that would be a good idea? Surely the principle should be to skip handling a file as soon as possible if it is to be ignored anyway. So why open it at all?
  3. Yes, they are compatible (for now).
  4. Okay, as soon as someone announces officially that this is an Enterprise-only feature (I know this has not happened yet), I'm out of here. I hope it's not only developers who read this thread, but also the Product Manager(s).
  5. I don't see what this has to do with IE9. Yes, it won't run on machines without IE9 (actually it will now), but for me portable was "does not have to be installed and can be run from any directory".
  6. Can't you do this with the API?
  7. I use symlinks to "merge" subfolders into shares. I want my peers to sync the files, not the links. Also, I don't want BTSync to arbitrarily create folders all over my drives. Edit: Sorry, I overlooked the "if in the same share" part. With that, I have no objections.
  8. Huh. I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that. I can only guess I mixed up threads and thought you posted in the "BTSync as a Windows service" thread. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. That's not going to work. You might make your home PC a read-only node, so deleting files there won't affect the server, but deleting files on the server WILL move them to .SyncArchive on your PC. Edit: Disregard the above - I was probably thinking of the wrong thread.
  10. So the user just plugs in his trusty portable harddisk / USB key / smartphone and copies all the juicy data onto that. (Also, WTF? An accounting department that can't afford a simple file server?)
  11. Well, develop something from scratch then. Or invest in SyncThing.
  12. I guess that 1.4 updated your configuration files to a new format and 1.3 can't use that. If you don't have a backup (look for .old files, BTSync on Win at least makes a backup on updates) you'll have to wipe the config and recreate all shares manually.
  13. +1. Love the features, hate the UI. If it at least was a real web UI so that the BTSync core could run as a service, I could live with it (and people could use it with whatever browser they like).
  14. You can hover over the tray icon and see the global speed there. No, I don't like it either.