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  1. Then it wouldn't be P2P anymore. It's as simple as that.
  2. It has already been "addressed" - in that it used to work in earlier versions on the BTSync App and they removed it on purpose. Why? No idea.
  3. With "quicker" I meant the effort for the user to setup the sync, not the sync itself. And using existing GUI options seems less effort to me than messing around with zip files and hex editors. YMMV.
  4. That's not really quicker than "my" way, is it?
  5. I know, that's why I linked to one of them
  6. No, that's currently something only the Android (and iOS?) app does. See for an existing more general requirement.
  7. +1. Although I don't like custom right-click context menus in web applications, it would feel more native here.
  8. Also, see for some other arguments against
  9. Because it is a backup, not a read only sync. Sure, but it's a little complicated because they oversimplified the latest app version (AGAIN) so people who know what they are doing have to work harder to get there. Because creating keys on the phone was too confusing or something. 1. Create a new shared folder on the PC 2. Connect the phone to the folder by scanning the r/w QR code 3. Copy the r/o key from the PC 4. Change the key on the PC to the r/o key (depending on your BTSync version it may be necessary to remove and re-add the folder)
  10. The problem is not getting BTSync to run in the background, but accessing the GUI while it does.
  11. The key word is "easier". Not "effortless". And it definitely is easier than building fat clients for every major OS (which probably is why they didn't bother to try with anything but Windows in the first place). For me it's not the GUI in itself so much, it is the mindset behind it. And I don't blame the developers, I blame (product) managers - until proven otherwise. I definitely will switch to SyncThing/Pulse as soon as it has all the features I need, unless BTSync does a radical change (like going open source and/or really letting the users decide what features to concentrate on).
  12. What? Who thought that would be a good idea? Surely the principle should be to skip handling a file as soon as possible if it is to be ignored anyway. So why open it at all?