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  1. [Censored - Helen] You are messing our systems totally now by this every day/every boot update the client notifications. please - STOP IT NOW!
  2. Take a beer or two! Nothing to do here - BTSync has ruined your system and there is no other way to go that away from this! I have +10 folder in or company NAS. Now I moved back to rsync between our two NAS server and tomorrow I install Owncloud and start sync laptops and desktops with NAS. We all have also unlimited space on OneDrive, but not using a single bit space there. I say that go for Owncloud. BTSync will be gone after upcomming summer.
  3. Now after reading these lies from BTSync team I have decided to dump BTSync. If I really need to run my own ifrastructure I can do it also with FreeNAS + Owncloud. Owncloud bundled with FreeNAS is actually great tool and you can share files and folders with "system" external users too. I have some seriour trust issues with this company called BTSync. If I can't trus the company behond of BTSync application then you should not do anything with the product! So if you have your own hardware (what is also needed here in BTSync too) then use look for Owncloud. It's a bit more husle with system, b
  4. I'm started emergeny process to move out from BTSync in our company! We are also going to heavuly warn all our customers NOT TO USE BTSync in any use. BTSync is dead and will stay like it. You can build trust on customers (even free ones), but you can lose it only once - after that you have no change to recover that - never! Now worst case scenario happend - BTSync 2.0 is bussiness killer, I mean killer for customers bussiness who trusted on their written promises that features which are in 1.xx version will remain free in 2.0! Now after thus huge fuck up - there as idiotic limitations etc.
  5. They says that Free version has sync only Up to 2 sync folders! This was END OF BTSync! Now I'm moving out of this product. BTSync has proken all the promises to all the users. That's worst thing you can do ! Now I understand even more deebly how important it is to use and support OPEN SOURCE projects - This what we have now seen happennig here is very ugly. My feeling was that this is great tool but now I really hate this extreamly bad! This happended in one second I saw the first page when 2.0 was released!