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Sorry if this has been requested before. I honestly searched.

It would be useful to see what available space each peer offers, and then see which is the smallest (weakest link so to speak).

My case is that I'm never quite sure how much more I can transfer onto my android device as it's clearly the peer with the least amount of storage.

Thanks for considering.

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It would also need some history function to show the last reported space even if the device is not connected right now.

If I have to start / wake up BTSync manually on my phone so I can see the available space info in my desktop's BTSync, I can just look on the phone myself.

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I didn't say that. But the reason I am reading this forum at all is that I want to make sure requested features are thought through all the way before a developer acts on them. Development resources are limited, so let's make the best out of them. 


And in my opinion showing the free space on a device only if it is actively connected is not as useful as showing the last known value if the device is currently offline in BTSync (which phones tend be to save power). Why can't you take that the way it was meant - as an improvement of your idea?

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