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  1. Yea I've had similar hiccups with the external SD. About the 1.5tb; I meant for my phone to only update changes. Say if I create a new video of 1gb, I'd need it be synced on both external USB drives, making them 1.5tb + 1gb, while the phone does not need to save anything long-term. It can get rid of the 1gb video once it's synced either of the mirrored drives. I guess this isn't possible though.
  2. I've long been looking for a way to backup my data of around 1.5tb of video and audio. I'd like to use btsync for this and was thinking to mirror the data between two external USB drives, one attached to my laptop and the other to my desktop, since they both feed my collection depending where I work. Since my phone is the only device that will share uptime with both of them, I was hoping if maybe there exists a possible btsync setup that will make my phone update changes between the two USB drives. Obviously my phone can't store 1.5tb, so it should only transfer changes and flush this data when done. Is this possible? Is there a better way to do it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Well I wouldn't have deemed to be totally useless for others. But if you say so …
  4. Both your replies escape me to be honest. I would just wish to see how much more space my phone can allocate for BTSync.
  5. Sorry if this has been requested before. I honestly searched. It would be useful to see what available space each peer offers, and then see which is the smallest (weakest link so to speak). My case is that I'm never quite sure how much more I can transfer onto my android device as it's clearly the peer with the least amount of storage. Thanks for considering.
  6. I've never used btsync with mobile data – always WiFi – and I still have this problem.
  7. I tried it and indeed, even after 30 mins, the phone app did not pick up a new file I had put into the btsync folder with my laptop. I had to manually start the app in order to sync again. I hadn't realised it checks within time intervals. I guess I'm too used to Dropbox and Google where changes are updated instantly. This is actually a considerable advantage they have over btsync.
  8. Auto-sleep is on and the device appears on my windows machine, yup.What exactly does auto-sleep do? Save battery I presume?
  9. The android side doesn't sync automatically. I have to open the app, wait for it to find other online devices and then start syncing. I wish it would always do this by itself in the back
  10. With the new updates using the "download" icon is no longer necessary. I still have to manually start the app for sync to start. I hope it can be completely automatic one day. Also, would it be possible to display an estimate space left somewhere based on the lowest amount of free storage in one of the clients sync folder?
  11. I have the exact same problem. Since my phone is always running, it is the main seeder for my sync. But because auto sync doesn't work on it,BTSync is more or less unusable for me at this point which is a shame. Please fix this!
  12. I have the same issue. BTsync should update immediately as do all its competitor solutions. Having to change a scan interval is not an option for me.
  13. Running BTSync on android here and syncing on the phone doesn't ever seem to work. It only works if I manually check for new files within the app which will make it start. From then everything goes well and speeds max out what my wifi is capable of, which is great. I want the syncing to start on its own though. And unfortunately deleting files on the phone will not delete them anywhere else. I do have autosync enabled and the phone is not connected with a read only secret. I figured this has probably been brought up somewhere, so I looked through the forum and found similar issues, all which concerned additional problems though such as special file attributes or extremely large files. This is not the case here. I just want syncing to start autonomously, so the very basic function of BTSync. Any advice?
  14. I love BTSync but for some reason I have to open the app on my android phone before it will start syncing on my desktop device to which it is linked. A little annoying. Only after launching the app will it detect that here is another device online and start its service. Upon launching the app it still says "0 devices online" for a brief moment.
  15. Please consider adding more than one (default) download folder. I chose my SD card as the download folder. It's now full. My phone's internal storage as plenty of space but I can't assign another download folder to use for syncing. So perhaps a feature allowing to add folders other than the default location?